Sunday, February 21, 2010


Here in the Pacific Northwest we are usually smack dab in the middle of 9 months of rain! (A little known fact: the Pacific Northwest has the only rain forest in the United states.) With all of that being said, when we have some sunshine we all hurry and buy new sunglasses (because we've lost the ones from summer) and we get out in the yard to enjoy a little Vitamin D. When a sunny day happens to fall on a weekend and is close to 60 degrees in February, well, we then feel truly blessed. However it is the Northwest, so the legs in shorts are probably more blinding than the sun itself!

Off to enjoy another day of beauty :)


  1. I did know that about the Pacific Northwest and had my hubby's knee been able to tolerate it, we were supposed to vacation out there last summer to see it! What wonderful photos! Some day we'll see those again, too!

  2. Oh summer's are spectacular here, you must come if you get another chance! Shhh, don't tell anyone else, we like everyone to believe it rains 365 days a year! The photos, I took in the yard yesterday, I'm so afraid of some fluke frost freezing them all since it is so early to be seeing them :)


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