Monday, February 22, 2010

♥ JUST LISTED ♥ Heart of Olea necklace

Olive oil was used for anointing and for lamps, and therefore all the good of love and of charity; for the oil is the very essence of the tree, and is as it were its soul, just as the celestial, or the good of love and of charity, is the very essence or the very soul of faith; and hence oil has this representation.

This olive colored, sparkling, iridescent heart pendant created by Earthworks Studio, is the center piece of the necklace pictured here. It is suspended by two strands of vintage faceted seed beads, hooked to two boro beads created by Quinlan Glass, and highlighted with Swarovski crystal. All are brought together with a silver chain and a simple heart toggle clasp for a truly unique necklace.


  1. Thank you! It was funny, I was trying to find something to show off the heart and came across this picture of my grandmother on her graduation day. After the pics were taken it was perfect, even made my Mom choke up a little when she saw it :)


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