Monday, March 22, 2010

♥ JUST LISTED ♥ "Cecil" turtle charmed I'm sure bracelet

The symbol of the turtle reminds us to appreciate life’s simple, true necessities: shelter, food, drink, and most importantly, faith.

A sumptuous bracelet combining natural stone like green labradorite and pearls with recycled beach glass beads, Swarovski® crystal, and Czech glass. The main attraction is this lovely (honu) turtle created by Elwood Glass. He was placed in the center of the bracelet to be a show stopper and attention getter, and he plays his part well!

Length: 6-9½” charm bracelet

♥ JUST LISTED ♥ "Kiss at Midnight" charmed I'm sure bracelet

We kiss those dearest to us at midnight not only to share a moment of celebration with our favorite people, but also to ensure those affections and ties will continue throughout the next twelve months. To fail to smooch our significant others at the stroke of twelve would be to set the stage for a year of coldness.

This beautiful Dichroic glass heart was created by Earthworks Studios. It is a wonderful shade of deep midnight blue with flecks of gold that look like gold dust sprinkled within it's depths. Beaded charms in blue tiger's eye, pearls, Jablonex Czech beads, Swarovski crystal, and puffy gold hearts were all added to give texture, richness and sparkle to an already enchanting bracelet!

7-9” charm bracelet

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Place!!!

Wow! It isn't even spring yet and things are already crazy! I've been trying to post jewelry in my stores, but mostly I've been busy with choreography and costumes for the June recital.

However that isn't what I wanted to share with you. One of the classes I'm teaching, my jazz three, is competing their dance number from last springs recital. This past weekend they went to their first competition, and for most of them it was their very first competition, even for me! I was so proud of them! They received silver and the placed 1st in their category at the Celebrity Competition! They have somethings to work on but all in all it was a great experience for them and me!

The picture is of them performing their dance with the song from the "LOST BOYS" sound track, "People are Strange"
The bustles were created by Tiara Tutus, you can visit her at:

Monday, March 1, 2010

As some of you may or may not know I'm also a Dance instructor, besides being a jewelry designer. So for the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my thoughts and ideas for each of the classes that I teach. That means, hopefully you will get an idea of the music they will dance to, the general age of these little dancers, the style of dance, the costumes and the people who created them. Last year I went with home based businesses to create all of my costumes. Mothers and Grandmothers who make tutus with their own loving hands, and what a success that was! My costumes were voted the best costumes at our 2009 spring recital, and I hope for the same success for my little dancers this year, and I hope you all enjoy seeing a backstage peek of a recital before it ever makes it to the stage!
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