Monday, September 28, 2009

Dragonfly pendant

Wow! The days have been flying by!!! Even though I've been unable to post anything here, I'm never to far from creating ♥ In fact I came across this beautiful pendant the other day and was stunned by the beauty and simplicity of it .... I can't wait to have a few moments to create something stunning with it! (I'm thinking a necklace....)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Take and Edit Great Product Photos: A tutorial Part 1

I'm no wiz at taking product photos however I am learning, and right now they are descent however they could be much better, because every time I sell a piece of jewelry the comment I always get is; "Wow! This is more beautiful than the picture! Thank you so much!" So I'm constantly in the persute of better quality photos from an armature with an armature camera...ME! The other problem I run into is I live in the Northwest of the US, and if you don't know, that is the rainy area. It usually starts raining in late September and doesn't let up till late June. So my picture opportunities are few and far between. Another words I'm always looking for some thing better so I don't have to endure hours outside on a frosty, damp, winter day!

I follow several blogs and this morning this one out of Australia caught my eye! She is talking about the things she has found in her struggles to take a great product photo, and basically I wanted to share her info with you. Who knows, she may say something you hadn't thought of and it could make all the difference in your product photography, and could lead to more success!
Xanna :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Treasury West

"What to wear Today!" when our closets become boring.... This is the newest treasury created, take a peek, click on the artists, leave a comment, and hopefully find something you didn't know you were looking for!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Fairy Kisses" charm bracelet

Something New for Fall!!!

A light and airy charm bracelet that almost looks antique in nature. With it’s burnished golden coloring mixed with soft pinks, mint greens, and a splash of purple.
The tree focal beads were created by Quinlan Glass Studios. The accent beads are a lovely mint green turquoise, soft pink pearls, natural aqua marine, natural rhodonite, recycled glass beads, puffy heart charms, and 2X AB Swarovski® crystal to add a bit of sparkle!

You can purchase this bracelet at either one of my shops:


Thank you :)


"Sea of Dreams" opal encased heart necklace

Something new for Fall !!!!

A swirling blue heart pendant, like the depths of a stormy sea, or the warm blues of your favorite pair of jeans. Suspended within the depths of the heart is a fiery Gilson opal. This beautiful heart was created by Jay Taylor and to accent the lovely blues with in the pendant I used vintage seed beads in an iridescent blue and aqua. The three accent boro beads were created by Blue Bead Masters and flanking those beads are pacific opal Swarovski® crystals and then a chain of burnished gold ending in an easy to use toggle clasp.

You can find this necklace in both of my shops:


Monday, September 7, 2009

Secret Garden Charm Bracelet

Something New!!! "Secret Garden" Charm Bracelet, a fresh collection of honey opal Picasso Czech beads, green labradorite, ocean fossil quartz, pearls, sparkling Swarovski® crystal, ant gold key charms, and a beautiful glass leaf charm to tie it all together! You can find it at either or my shops:


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Sky at Night.... Treasury West

I've put together a treasury of some really beautiful items, just in case you find some time to shop on this busy holiday weekend! Your welcome to visit the artists and leave comments on the treasury, and just enjoy the beauty of what others have created.

The lamp is created by Orly My Light, she does some beautiful work with beads and lighting and making them into lovely lamp that give lovely ambiance to any room! You can check her out at:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Elusive Fall Purse

A`La Mode

Studio One Designs

Love Janice


Eyes on Me

The Leather Store

I'm on my annual search for the perfect fall purse! Like all of you, I love the Dooney and Burke, Coach, and Fossil names brands for my bag, however I can't always afford the prices (never is probably closer to the truth) and I would like to have something unusual that people are going to say "Wow! where did you get that!" So in my perusing of Etsy stores I've come up with some interesting stores that you may want to check out.
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