Monday, February 15, 2010

Drum Roll...For winners of "One World One Heart" giveaway

I'm sad to see this end. I couldn't get to all the blogs I had originally wanted too, and enjoyed meeting everyone I did get a chance to visit. However all good things must come to an end and I'm so excited to announce the winners! Over 300 comments were left so lucky me I get to give away 4 bracelets! Thank you all for visiting and don't be shy come back to see me anytime I have enjoyed the company, and the many things you all have taught me!

First winner is #117 Sussie from Sweden

Second winner is #71 barb cabot from United States

Third winner is #39 Bleubeard and Elizabeth from United States

Fourth winner is #250 Connie from United States

Congratulations to all of you! Thank you, ~Xanna


  1. Thank you so much XANNA! I love the bracelet already and I will always remember this fantastic ecent when I wear it :)
    Kind regards
    Sussie <3

  2. Thank you so much, Xanna! I absolutely love it! Can't wait 'til it arrives!

    I will send you my address.


  3. Oh wow, Xanna, your winners are truly blessed in winning these gorgeous bracelets - each one unique and special! So please forgive me if I'm a tad jealous!
    Yes, I'm sad too but hope that this isn't the end really - but the beginning of new friendships and rich sources of inspiration.
    Big hugs xx

  4. Thank you Jo! I didn't expect to have so many responses, and I wish I could give everyone something. However you are right, this is the beginning on "new friendships and rich sources of inspiration" that I can give to everyone who desires and I will definitely enjoy it in return :)

  5. Xanna, I just found out I won. Thank you so much. My email is

    Wow what a nice Day After Valentines Day gift!
    Thank you so much!

  6. I envy the winners ¬_¬ but congratulations to all of you!! This giveaway was very generous and the bracelets are SO BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Neky I know what you mean, I entered several hundred drawings and wasn't chosen in any :( I just wasn't random enough. Oh well, the promo was fun and I have met a lot of new people along the way. It is was so amazing how similar everyone is no matter if you live in the US or across the ocean in some small village!


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