Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Promotion

First you all have until February 8 to add your blog. Just follow the link to find out the details:

Second I'm having a blast! I thought I'd just quickly scan a few blogs maybe enter in a few of the drawings however I was wrong! People are amazing, the blogs are soooo interesting, and the give aways are incredible!

This all started on January 25th, it is now January 27th. I started on the 1st blog and I'm now in the 70 something blog! My plan is to read each and everyone of them! Soooo if you've looked at mine I will get to yours I'm just stopping to smell the roses in each blog I visit!

Just to put things in perspective I'm only at the 70 something blog, my blog is #426 and so far there is 721 blogs, with more being added until February 8th! I've seen and learned alot, and I've seen some things I want to add to my blog to make it more appealing! I'm still at a loss of what to share on my blog, and/or what people find interesting. However this is helping to visit others and see what they share. I think the first hurdle I had to overcome was to visit blogs and not feel like a voyeur :)

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