Friday, April 9, 2010

Expanding my horizons...what do you think?

I love beads, I love color, and I love texture. My favorite beads to work with are boro lampwork beads, hand made by artists, in their home studios (not mass produced), Swarovski crystal and Czech glass, pearls, some natural gemstones, and seed beads. I've always admired people who could create pictures out of beads.

I grew up in New Mexico and Yakima Washington, and was exposed to a lot of Native American art, I especially loved looking at the beaded purses, belts, and other art work of their culture. I've also seen beautiful amulets and purses created by the artists of today that look like a miniature Monet's or other fantastic scene.

Finally I decided I'd invest in a small bead loom and see what I could do.....My work is nothing like what I have described, however, it is always fun to learn something new and expand your horizons. Now the moment of truth.... what do you think of my first two bracelets, and one on the loom?

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