Monday, April 12, 2010

Adult Ballet/Jazz Costumes

My Adult Ballet/Jazz costumes have come in! Still waiting on the red, extra long, sexy gloves and I'm going to make a cocktail hat w/veil. The dresses are created by an amazing artist by the name of iNKmix she creates clothing that flows and moves with a women's body, and you can visit her at My ladies are dancing to "In-Tango" by In-Grid, a sexy little french tango! More pics will be posted after the show :)


  1. It's all beautiful -- the tutus, your beading, and the dresses! I can just see the accessories you've described! Aren't Etsy artists the best?!

  2. Yes! This is the second year I've ordered my costumes strictly from Etsy, and I have been nothing but pleased!!!


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