Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Take and Edit Great Product Photos: A tutorial Part 1

I'm no wiz at taking product photos however I am learning, and right now they are descent however they could be much better, because every time I sell a piece of jewelry the comment I always get is; "Wow! This is more beautiful than the picture! Thank you so much!" So I'm constantly in the persute of better quality photos from an armature with an armature camera...ME! The other problem I run into is I live in the Northwest of the US, and if you don't know, that is the rainy area. It usually starts raining in late September and doesn't let up till late June. So my picture opportunities are few and far between. Another words I'm always looking for some thing better so I don't have to endure hours outside on a frosty, damp, winter day!

I follow several blogs and this morning this one out of Australia caught my eye! She is talking about the things she has found in her struggles to take a great product photo, and basically I wanted to share her info with you. Who knows, she may say something you hadn't thought of and it could make all the difference in your product photography, and could lead to more success!
Xanna :)

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  1. Xanna! This was wonderful--setting the white balance??!! Now I'm going to have to find that stupid manual! I made a light box just like she has in the picture and it works very well--though lately I've been using natural light! I hear you about the rainy weather!! Thanks for the link! Very helpful for all us beginners!


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